Month: December 2015

New Basel 2015 Rolex: deep-sea submersible type watch

Rolex in 2015 Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show grand launch of the new watch and a whole new generation of mechanical movement, lay a new benchmark in terms of precision timepieces, beyond the COSC chronometer (COSC) levels. Rolex presents a number of innovations this year, one of which is named OYSTERFLEX patented high-tech strap. Within this strap in the metal, the outer rubber injection overmolding places. In addition, a variety of exquisite Rolex introduced a new dial, filling the unique combination of high-tech and traditional crafts. From the movement, case, and even strap, Rolex has fully mastered all aspects of the tabulation process, these innovations can be considered among the outstanding examples.

Oyster Perpetual Sea-4000-904L stainless steel
Oyster Perpetual Sea-4000-904L stainless steel

Rolex hand in hand “DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D” movie to explore the deep sea snorkeling at best
By the “National Geographic” magazine issue, record explorer and filmmaker James Cameron (James Cameron) with the support of Rolex, the expedition arrived in the deepest ocean “DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D” movie, recently reflected in the Chinese grand offer . Located in Shanghai Bund “Rolex World • sector,” especially organized welcome reception, invited guests and media attended the event and took the opportunity to exhibit DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible model, in line with the launch of the new adventure and new watches Rolex DEEPSEA Oyster Perpetual Sea-4000.
Rolex hand in hand “DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D” movie
The new generation of diving watch Rolex Deepsea, waterproof depth of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet). Graded “D-blue” color dial, not only to celebrate the partnership with James Cameron Rolex historic adventure, but also a symbol of Rolex exploration, innovation, trying to go beyond the limits of human input. Its 44 mm Oyster case to tighten patent Ringlock system, not only professional divers surpass the most stringent requirements, but also laid a solid, accurate, practical and reliable new benchmarks. James Cameron wearing Rolex Deepsea watches exploring the Mariana Trench, as a blueprint of the Rolex Deepsea Challenge experimental watch, waterproof depth of 12,000 meters (39,370 feet), in Cameron’s expedition in line at the submarine arm, to be tested in real situations.

Deep Sea Rolex Submariner
Rolex watches and Trieste and deep-sea exploration potential challenges are wedded trip. In these two historic submerged in the experimental system in hull Rolex watch at sea 11 kilometers (7 miles), bear the greatest pressure on the planet, but the two are a perfect operation, visible Rolex replica watch unmatched waterproof. Rolex with innovation and invention to act as a pioneer in the field of deep-sea conquest, launched in 1926 Oyster watch, is the world’s first waterproof design, and after more launched Oyster Perpetual Submariner (1953), Sea- (1967) and the Rolex Deepsea (2008 year) Degree Specializing diving watch.

Luigi Verga watches Breitling Cup experience

On September 14 it held the event golfing “Clocks Luigi Verga Breitling Cup Experience” at the prestigious Golf Club Monticello Cassina Rizzardi, a short walk from Como. Throughout the day guests were able to see and try the latest models of the collections and Breitling Breitling for Bentley exposed the club house, set in style Breitling. While all week at the Watchmaking Luigi Verga of Via Mazzini 19, in Milan, was made an exclusive showcase for the presentation of new Navitimer Blue Sky Limited Edition model created for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the chronograph Navitimer.
After the race, the ceremony was conducted by Andrea and Michele DJ of Radio Deejay, with their sympathy, were awarded special “Cups Plane” the winners; the landlord Umberto Verga went instead the honor of giving a special ticket to experience the next Breitling Experience in Buochs, in the heart of Switzerland. In fact, the winner will live a unique experience that will enable him not only to admire, on the track, the evolution of the Breitling Jet Team, but also personally attend to the multiple activities proposed flight and then performing stunts above the Alps on board jet or aircraft propeller, for parachuting or hovering helicopter, to meet world champions of the acrobatics and admire breathtaking aerial displays from the ground.

Living Updated styling with Rolex Replica Watches

Presidents and prime ministers (of which even world leaders) countries, just like everyone else, wearing Swiss watches wrist. Some world leaders, in order to wear expensive luxury watches that cost thousands of dollars and some people like to wear watches much cheaper. However, it’s getting difficult to hire a president or a prime minister of a country will not have a watch on all replica rolex.

Wittnauer is a company that produces wonderful watch watches very affordable. Produce a real diamond watch called Wittnauer Belasco. This watch is water resistant to thirty meters and is 38mm good. You can buy a Wittnauer Belasco using a steel bracelet and, possibly, of a quartz movement Replica Rolex Watches UK for about four hundred usd. Watch Wittnauer Belasco arrives using a manufacturer extended warranty of two years.

It should not assume basically because however replicas, these watches are found for a pittance. As a matter of fact Replica Rolex Watches UK, a large number of these models are extremely expensive. Benefits of the Web site comes so wide replicas are in order to the original models.

Tag Heuer launches into the connected watches with Connected

For nearly a year, Tag Heuer announces arrivals are coming in the world of Smartwatchs. Baselworld 2015 edition was also an opportunity to discover the project partners with Google and Intel in terms of software design and electronic component. But it was not until November 9 to explore this smart watch, after many teasers and communication cleverly mounted …
A real event

For us to discover its new connected Tag Heuer watch Google and Intel and its partners have made the show in New York rather than in Switzerland. Moreover, the opportunity for Jean-Claude Biver (CEO of Tag Heuer and LVMH Horlogerie), Bernard Arnault (owner of LVMH), Brian Kzranich (Intel Vice President) and David Singleton (VP at Google) and the Swiss ambassador to the United States.
We had to mark, indeed mark the event to celebrate the meeting of the Watch Valley and Silicon Valley. The Tag Heuer Connected to the first major competitor to Apple Watch Swiss project (even if the Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch is also a bit).

Indeed, Jean-Claude Biver, it was necessary to react very quickly if the Swiss watch industry and in particular the LVMH group would not be drowned by the ‘tidal wave’ of planned and Apple Watch Other models of high-tech groups. For, as so aptly CEO of Tag Heuer: “only the dead are connected to yesterday.”

The smart watch is also an opportunity for replica TAG Heuer watches to attract new customers more techie and younger for then towards the fabulous world of watchmaking and its own range of real watch. Moreover, this watch that is sold to 1350 euros is available with a special program that allows after 2 years to replace its Tag Heuer Connected by a new watch … not smart, but a “simple” mechanical Tag Heuer Carrera Titanium 2 for only 1350 euros against 3,000 euros in nine.


In a beautiful 46 mm housing diameter (a little too big for my shot) grade 2 titanium of great lightness and strength, this new model is largely inspired by the 1963 Carrera model, but with a modern twist evident. Its rubber strap strongly contributes to this with its different color them, sometimes very flashy.

Let us not forget the screen, now under the sapphire crystal. The latter is indeed wide 1.5 inch and it has a multi-touch technology. Underneath is even a small mirror that allows you to enjoy the brightness of the day and save the battery. Finally on design, I have many different design proposed by the display. You can choose between different types and crayon dial (chronograph, three hands, date, etc.) according to your moods.

The technical features

Tag Heuer is recognized in the world of watchmaking for its watches and especially for sportiness of its models. However, the Swiss brand was probably not sufficient skills to achieve to create alone a connected watch. Logically, and unfortunately also, the brand went to see the side of Silicon Valley and more particularly in two heavyweights: Google and Intel.

The first, Google, provides the watch replica Tag Heuer Connected operating system with Android Wear in Version X86. The Google OS should allow some applications to run directly on the smartwatch. The Swiss watchmaker slightly customized the Google OS and some of its applications.
Technical characteristic of the Connected Tag Heuer

The second is that Intel offers us the chip that is the heart of the smart watch TAG Heuer, instead of a traditional timepiece movement. So we find in it an Atom dual Z34XX heart (1.6 GHz), normally built for smartphones. The battery normally provides for its autonomy of 25 hours in normal use.

What about others on the technical characteristics of this watch, it has a 4 GB storage memory, four sensors that are the gyro, tilt sensor, microphone and haptic motor. The watch is connected via Wifi and Bluetooth and is compatible with Android 4.3 or iOS 8.2.

Last on the watch, it has IP67 sealing proves his and weighs only 52 grams.

Rolex Pre-Daytona George Lazenby James Bond for once …

Australian actor George Lazenby was chosen in 1969 to star in the role of James Bond the sixth film of this long saga, after Sean Connery had declared that they no longer play this role. Lazenby had behind him a little acting experience but, at the time, was the highest-paid model in the world.

He was the star of “007 – In the service of Her Majesty.” He was also offered a contract to be the next James Bond in seven films, but his manager Rohnan O’Rahilly convinced him not to accept this offer in fact that George refused.
At the time the opinions of the critics were divided between those who believed the best Lazenby Bond and those who thought exactly the contrary. One of the reasons that brought about a not quite stellar performance of this film at the box office was that George said, just before the film, which would proseuito to fill this role in later episodes.
One of the watches that James Bond wore the wrist was a New Rolex Daytona 1964 about (Reference 6238): The image you see above is from the film. The model you see below is the same, but differs from the exemplar used by Bond that had the tip of the second hand in red.
The main difference between a model and a Pre-Daytona Daytona is that the latter has the scale of the units / hour arranged around the edge of the dial and the Daytona exhibition outside the ring.
Also when Rolex created the Daytona also stopped calling him “Chronograph” and began using the word “Cosmograph” which is still attached to the name “Rolex Daytona.” (Ed. The first reference Cosmograph, the 6239, was produced from 1963 to 1969. In the Italian Rolex catalogs will however only from 1964 onwards).

Here George lay in the image below for a publicity photograph of “007 – On Her Majesty’s Service” in front of the Big Ben in London.