Month: January 2016

The mystery of the Rolex Day-Date President John F. Kennedy

Hello. Today Jake told me to tell you a story of a Rolex Day-Date President. Actually Jake’s Rolex Blog has in its files only for the argument that it “watches with the crown of the President” as many as 10 post. This article talks about what they say belonged to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. How to continue to follow his unique destiny even this item is accompanied by a great mystery.

The article begins by describing JFK and the socio-political atmosphere of those years. Skipping this part that you can learn in every moment reading his original text of which as always you can find the link at the end.
Jake writes: … A great lover of Rolex that I know told me that he was sure that he used to wear Rolex Kennedy and that he had seen the photos. Of course if there were images of JFK with a Rolex I procurarmele for readers of Jake’s Rolex Watch Blog, so I asked him spontaneously: where did you see those pictures?

Told me not to remember, then he asked: “Which clock wore when JFK was assassinated? I replied that I did not. He told me that he thought he had a Rolex President ?!

I replied that I had no evidence of this and that if that were the case, everyone would know. He insisted again so I contacted the JFK Presidential Archive and they confirmed me that was not true. It turned out that JFK was wearing at the time of the crime a Cartier Tank in gold with a black leather strap as shown in the image below.

Since we’re exploring the events very deep I must share with you that my political profile is that of a historian. Ie anyone. I ‘true, I have no particular political profile or, if you prefer. I am and have always been an Agnostic politically speaking. I always voted according to the profile and the personal character of the candidate.
I also like Ike the Republican and the Democratic Truman – get an idea.

My only goal is to share with you all a story with the hope you will find it interesting for you.

(Ed. Jake continues to narrate facts – such as the Rolling Stones song of ’68 entitled Sympathy For the Devil in which Mick Jagger tells how American society of that time was idealistic and impattatando against a Kennedy who belonged to the legend of Camelot was she to decide his death.)

Now reality becomes stranger than fiction. A gold Rolex Day-Date commonly called President was sold at an auction on Oct. 18, 2005 for $ 120,000. It said that it was given to JFK from Marilyn Monroe who was rumored to be his lover.

The story goes that Marilyn Monroe gave this Day-Date to Kennedy after the famous song cards that sang to him during his forty-fifth birthday at Madison Square Garden during a congress of the Democratic Party.
The watch box also contained a poem written on a small piece of paper titled:

A deep dedication to your birthday.
The poem says:

“Let lovers be more eager without a murmur and the roses bloom with music around.
Let passion burn on lips and eyes, and the pleasures that revolve around happily.

Let the glow gold innondi the sky and let me love or die. ”

Marilyn Monroe died after two months and six months after JFK. They say the candle that shines twice hard half the time, so it could be true for this story.

(Jake continues to tell history from a series of fine details on the life of the president, then concludes on this Day-Date).

Jake continues: I heard a voice say, based on the serial, that the Rolex was manufactured in 1965 two years after his death, but in my experience of life, I must say with sadness, I heard about this brand more false that true. Unfortunately people put around and perpetual stories that do not respond to the truth because it gives them the feeling of becoming famous.

An update of Jake returns to his post – in the typical green of the Maison Geneva – the following:
LarryK sent me an email saying: “According to the traceability of each serial number Rolex, Rolex Monroe JFK (number 1,296,419) dates back to the third quarter of 1965, two years after President Kennedy was assassinated. I do not think the clock that has collected all that money is genuine. ” Thanks for sending me these details Larry. I’ve heard this done before and as soon as I can go into the fact to know the truth.

Conclusions: beyond the beautiful and tender story about the Rolex President Kennedy that I hope you enjoyed, Jake is right: the speculation when there are big interests are always many to come out, that are founded or not. The caution in any event is always the best strategy to adopt.

Hublot – Watchmaker atelier “clock replacement”

Hublot launches “Watchmaker Atelier” a unique service for its customers.

Atelier clock “clock replacement” Hublot
The luxury brand of Geneva never ceases to amaze. After bringing in the first Haute Horlogerie innovative concepts, technical in its timepieces, and communication, after embarking visibility programs carpet supporting almost any major event – sports and otherwise – that happens on the globe, tirelessly sometimes communication techniques cutting “Guerrilla”, or news as it happened in the case “Bernie Ecclestone”, is launching “Clock Atelier”. In practice it is a timepiece that Hublot will make available to all those who bring their own clock (Hublot) – exclusively in Boutique – to make a repair, but also a simple check or overhaul.
That’s about the official statement of the Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe: “The customer Hublot is part of a family and, thanks to the ” Clock Atelier”, will maintain the physical and emotional bond with Hublot while his watch will be serviced. We are very proud to be able to develop this concept in all Hublot boutique in the world (currently 49) and I did it in record time, in order to be operational from the first days of September. ”
That’s right, at the end of ‘700 Abraham-Louis Breguet invented the clock “on subscription” timepiece which included action to pay an advance, enough to put into action the watchmaker who would then delivered the finished product to customer only after paying the balance. Brilliant. Today, after centuries Hublot devises a least original idea of ​​”replacement clock” to build customer loyalty. Equally brilliant? Maybe yes maybe no.
But we find out some more details on the model “Clock Atelier”. It ‘made of composite resin black, with case, bezel, buckle composite resin black, black rubber strap, screws and steel crown and a quartz movement with date and small seconds. The dial back above the words “NOT FOR SALE” (not for sale), a little ‘as – being myself from the field of implantable medical devices disposable – is shown on the sample tutorial or demo on the devices where is it written out clearly: “NOT FOR HUMAN USE” ..
I repeat: observing for years Hublot both in its Hublot replica watches products and in its volcanic find communication, it is all too easy to indulge in celebrations or “critical” even accompanied by expressions of outrage. As is the case for some time in the field of digital communication, even a “Fail” (controlled) can be a success: Read this recent article written by experts in digital communications.
Atelier clock “clock replacement” Hublot – with form to fill
I have no idea how to take an owner of a Hublot Tourbillon when, having shelled out a figure that goes beyond the Eur 100,000, bringing his watch in a boutique to carry out a routine check, you will see a clock replacement Offir with a smile – always Hublot, but quartz. It is truly a service: usual the consumer will decide its value.
As Oscar Wilde said, which in turn seems that he repeated the aphorism originally formulated by a French king: “Speak well, speak evil, as long as we speak!”

Latest 2015SIHH Panerai: Luminor1950 watch

The new Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Ceramica 3 power reserve Retrograde Chronograph automatic ceramic watch with a classic design perfect blend of imaginative P.9100 homemade production chronograph movement, with design and technical excellence in black ceramic Case, show a strong movement style.

Simple lines and dial case design, faithful Panerai unique characteristics. Watch chronograph flyback device can instantly return to zero, and start counting, no need to specifically stop pointer. Watch equipped with P.9100 movement, its blue rhodium-plated chronograph seconds hand and minute hand placed in the center of the dial, the continuous operation of the small seconds display plate is located at 9 o’clock, and date display window symmetry; time button located 8:00 (retrograde , zero) and 10 o’clock (start, stop), keeping the crown for the bridge means complete, let Luminor 1950 case waterproof to a depth of up to 10 bar (about 100 meters).

Luminor 1950 case diameter of 44 mm, the choice of zirconia ceramic composite material made of stainless steel material than hard five times, but was more lightweight, and with a scratch-resistant, anti-corrosion and can withstand high temperatures. This high-tech material fusion process is complex, craftsmen must make every effort to zirconia powder is converted to black ceramic, and then make matte treatment, to achieve a smooth surface, showing delicate touch. Each component are separately cast, and then made multiple processing and heating. Components to about 100 degrees Celsius temperature, heated, 1500 ° C for high-temperature treatment step required when about three days. The final grinding process to ensure that the size and proportion of the component are to achieve perfect, after the sandblasting process, created a flat matt case.

Watch sapphire crystal glass case back to P.9100 self-movement perspective through the eyes now, this movement is in its first Panerai replica watch factory self-developed self-winding chronograph movement, develop their excellent top chronograph movement qualities. With a column wheel and vertical clutch device, while carrying two connected barrels, with up to three days of power reserve, and two-way chain; movement of variable inertia balance 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) . P.9100 movement equipped with second hand zero device, using 302 components made diameter 13¾ fractionation thickness of 8.15 mm.

Luminor 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Ceramica 3 power reserve Retrograde Chronograph automatic ceramic watch (PAM00580) with alternate colors of leather and rubber strap. Clasp in titanium metal, lightweight, sturdy, hypoallergenic and apply special black coating, a more coordinated and watch the whole black color, but also use the supplied screwdriver easily replaced.