These 3 watches are certainly considered very cool watches for most of us, collectors. They are fresh, first because they are diving / sports watches. Who does not like good old and reliable watches diving, perfect ally for your weekends and summer vacation by the sea. So they are cool because they are all glorious vintage-reissues of historical models. They have some design cues time, while modern clocks with modern diameters, modern materials and modern movements – and of course, the 3 are automatic (and therefore cool …) you are allowed to enjoy a vintage look, sailing in the trend of vintage watches, without the disadvantages of real time clocks can come with. Finally, they are cool because they are reasonably priced – in the range from 1,800 euros to 3,200 euros, and therefore accessible to a wider audience


The Tudor Heritage Black Bay, which is heavily inspired by the Tudor watches vintage submarine, which mainly comprises the design elements of iconic ref. 7922, mixed with elements (indexes, hands and blue cover) military ref. 94010 made by the French Navy “Marine Nationale”. Therefore, this watch is very very Submariner “Rolex family” in the design. It has this “Sub feel”, mixed with fresh elements like snowflakes, hands oversized crown and unprotected bezels and lugs. And this is exactly why this watch is fresh and successfully; a classic with a twist.


The Oris is a faithful (at least visually) reinterpretation of a vintage diving watch Oris in 1965 made by the exact same design, the same case is shared (though larger), the same line-shaped dome and bright, the same crystal domed (now sapphire, and earlier in plexi) and the same rather unique indexes. It even comes with a rubber strap super comfortable straps vintage imitating the tropics as used in the 1960s Moreover, it is very cool.


Finally, Longines watch is inspired by a 1961 Super 42 mm compressor Diver. With this in mind, this Longines is, in fact, the most faithful reprint here. the same inner rotating bezel is maintained, the same double crown, the same diameter, the same rates, the same hands, the same bright dial, the same shape of the box … Everything is the same, except for the date (and Unfortunately, the Longines legend Diver undated was suspended very quickly after its release.)

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