A few days ago I wrote a few – I hope – useful advice for buying a vintage watch. A part of my article, if you think the time has come to buy a vintage Rolex, why not buy the Explorer belonged to Sir Edmund Hillary her partner during shipment Trans Arctic 1955-1958? After all you may also hide this “stunt” to your wife, seeing him, no one would save you: “But … what kind of old clock you bought?” 🙂

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer belonged to Sir Hillary
Leaving aside the housework is just that: Antiquorum auction will beat the lottery 621 just the Rolex Explorer that accompanied the famous explorer in crossing that did reach him and his expedition to the South Pole, enterprise never repeated until 1981.
This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 6084 Serial number 878 ** 1 – chronometer certificate – was given to Sir Edmund by Rolex India in 1953, just after his ascent to Mount Everest, at the ceremony where he was awarded the title of “Sir “took place on June 6, 1953. a witness to the dedication engraved on the case back and a certificate of authenticity signed by Lady Hillary proprietary object, part of the lot for sale documentation. This timepiece – as described above – did not stay still long to do almost motionless trophy memorable exploit just ended in Nepal, in fact, I had to endure the longest in Antarctica anchor.
His estimate is 7.500 to 15.000 Eur and is the lot number 620 of 643: usually always bring the past to the most important pieces … It will be interesting to see 13 and 14 November in Geneva the final figure for the award: some collectors would and they will do the impossible in order to own a piece of the genre.

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