2012 Basel watch show, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust ladies watch stand out, grab a table fans eyes, a strong show of creativity and excellence Rolex watch technology, a new interpretation of the log series legendary spirit, both by pink gold and diamonds to create a free and easy aesthetic charm, but also reflects the advanced level of quality precise, rugged and reliable Rolex abide by it.


The set with the full feminine log type, black brushed pink gold dial 262 diamonds, produce striking contrast to the modern women’s style charm. Pink gold with 10 diamonds on the care with brilliant light dotted the hour mark. The outer ring of diamonds has become a showcase stage, a total of 60 square inlaid with diamonds, a representative of each one second. Side also set with 120 diamonds, are intricate.


 Rolex Datejust a fully self-developed by the 3135 automatic winding mechanical movement. As with all the same core constant motivation, also received a 3135-type movement when the official count accredits certification. The certification awarded to success through specialized Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC) detection precision watch. This movement of the structure and movement of all Oyster same are accurate and reliable. As the heart of the watch parts, its balance wheel used Rolex patented blue gossamer PARACHROM to manufacture its own unique alloy. This springs from magnetic interference, at a temperature change is still very stable, than conventional springs seismic force tenfold.

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