At the Basel Show the news was pleasantly surprised by everyone. Also because of operations like the one that led Breitling replica to supply its chronograph calibres to Tudor (in exchange for the counter-supply by the Geneva-based maison of only time movements), recently, it is not that many are remembered.

But, to keep up with the times and parry the blows of a market in vertiginous evolution, it is necessary to know how to take countermeasures. Also looking for the right partner for strategic alliances. And then a praise to replica Breitling watches, which, among other things, could have made it a source of pride but that, despite the great passion for the air world, has preferred to keep for the occasion with his feet on the ground . This is only the first of a series of news of great importance that have marked the year of the brand. The most important of which, even with a view to future orientation and development of the brand, was the arrival in July of Georges Kern in the role of shareholder and CEO of the company.

The 2017 of the product has instead divided between the two major spheres of action of the brand. On the one hand the tried and tested partnership with Bentley, which brought a “connected” like the replica Bentley Supersports B55, connoted not as a smartwatch, but as a chronograph equipped with an electronic movement able to communicate with the smartphone for data transmission and the extension of some features.

On the other, the historic link with the aviation (in the photo, the Breitling Jet Team), remarked with an event that brought the replica Breitling DC-3, legendary plane from the forties, to make a world tour in stages. This is how the name of a brand was taken on tour, so as not to disavow its origins, it did not fail to present “themed” breitling replica watches. Like the Avenger Hurricane 12H or the Avenger Hurricane Military, but also the Colt Skyracer, with its thermocompensated movement SuperQuartz or the new Navitimer. The latter, the Breitling par excellence, is however equipped with a chronograph movement with a doubling manufacturing function.

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