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Replica Tag Heuer to see “Sex Tape” by Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is blond, beautiful, Californian and knows how to take advantage of it. A true example of how an intelligent woman makes a fortune on the basis of a topic, why not say it, belated.

You just have to see Cameron Diaz’s long career and the fact that she remains one of the most sought-after actresses, while other actors, very successful in the past, with whom Cameron shared his first films, are no longer In the limelight, to understand that Cameron Diaz is much more than a sculptural figure attached to a pretty face.


Cameron Diaz’s next hit is the Sex Tape movie starring opposite Jason Segel. In this film, the couple protagonist records a pornographic scene in the privacy of their home, but due to a mistake the video ends up in the cloud, so the couple tries to do what is possible and impossible to defend their privacy. Without a doubt, one of the strong dishes that we will find in theaters this summer. Replica tag heuer like Cameron Diaz watch

In terms of watches, Cameron Diaz, is ambassador of the watches Tag Heuer and, therefore, does not hesitate to show some of his models in his frequent public appearances. If you like the Cameron Diaz watch, or some other Tag Heuer model, there’s nothing better than a Tag Heuer replica to go see the Diaz and Segel movie.

To find out all the cheap deals TAG Heuer replica watches?

The brilliance of the bezel with tachymeter scale in glossy ceramic draws polished steel and satin of the famous modular cash consisting of 12 elements. The skeleton dial, stretch dell’Heuer-01 replica watches badge and the sapphire crystal case back revealing the refined mechanisms of the clock, while at the side of the dial can be glimpsed in the controls of the chronograph and the date of the perforated disk.

Replica tag heuer 2017 - Also available a version navy
Replica tag heuer 2017 – Also available a version navy

On the back, the wheel red model casting columns, the chronograph bridge and the circular mass coated in black PVD allow you to admire the oscillating pinion mechanism. The chronograph movement functions, central seconds hand, the counter 30 minutes, the 12-hour counter and the start / stop button, they are recognizable by their red color, a powerful reminder of the motor racing.

Replica tag heuer 2017 - also Elegantissima the cognac version
Replica tag heuer 2017 – also Elegantissima the cognac version

The sporty design of the new replica TAG Heuer Heuer Carrera-01 43 mm enhances the chronograph movement Heuer-01 factory, which owes its name to the founder of the brand, Edouard replica watches Heuer. The “01”, however, shows that this movement is the first in a new generation of chronographs. After more than five years of improvements, the chronograph today boasts a very high level of quality with low production costs. It is one of the few chronographs made entirely in-house available for less than 5,000 Swiss francs.

Radiomir Panerai 1940 3 Days Automatic PAM 00655 Acciaio Clock

The new watches Replica Panerai PAM00655 is, in fact, a watch that we know in different iterations, with a line generally Panerai black Sandwich and a slimmer smaller case: Panerai 1940 3-Days Automatic with First Micro-Rotor Movement Panerai. These PAM00572 (stainless steel) and PAM00573 (Red Gold – Oro Rosso) were very different in their tastes compare with classic watches made by the Officine, and for several reasons. It has to be said, but the usual diameter for a Panerai is about 45 mm to 47 mm or 48 mm, depending on the edition. A typical Panerai 1940 measures 48 mm, as this. A typical Panerai with classic wire to attach the strap is 47 mm, as this PAM00504. Finally, a classic Luminor basis as we have seen here is 44 mm (and this is rather a small one). Well, all this leads to a simple conclusion: either need to have a robust wrist to wear a Panerai or you really have to like big watches. This is not the case everywhere. The response of this Panerai Radiomir is 42 mm 1940 3 Automatic days.


Radiomir Panerai 1940 3 Automatic PAM00655 days, like its predecessors, uses a smaller box but also thinner, which makes this easier to watch on your wrist. The typical cushion-shaped without crown-protection case, but terminals correctly connected (two features to differentiate normal Radiomir 1940 Luminor and Radiomir) has a thickness of 10.9 mm reasonable. The rest of the design remains on the line of the other clocks of the collection. The dial of this PAM00655 However, it is quite unusual, as it is first painted white. There are not many watches without black dial (some with dark brown dials and a few with dark blue sphere …). Look at the website of the brand and see that only 6 watches have a white dial. Mixing a smaller / thinner box with the white dial makes this Panerai PAM00655 1940 3 Days Automatic quite unusual. The sphere is, like all other editions white sphere, which only have a single layer with painted numbers (not cut into the dial and the typical sandwich). The indices are simple painted with luminous material imitation patina, matching hands points.


The thinness of the Panerai Radiomir 1940 PAM00655 3 Automatic days is due to the use of the latest internal movement of the mark, the P4000. As indicated by the name of the watch, this movement has 3 days power reserve and has a micro-rotor. The movement is 31 mm in diameter and 3.95mm thick. The latter is mainly due to the use of a micro-rotor, because that is mounted off-center, in the movement, and therefore requires no more space for a large rotor mounted in the center that logically adds thickness. The P4000 has brushed finish bridges with a horizontal, blue prints and a micro-rotor tungsten with a decoration in low relief with the brand name and logo on a matte surface.

The new Panerai Radiomir 1940 PAM00655 is 3 Automatic days (about 100 meters) to 10 bar waterproof and comes in a leather strap, without dealing with cream contrast stitching


Tag Heuer launches into the connected watches with Connected

For nearly a year, Tag Heuer announces arrivals are coming in the world of Smartwatchs. Baselworld 2015 edition was also an opportunity to discover the project partners with Google and Intel in terms of software design and electronic component. But it was not until November 9 to explore this smart watch, after many teasers and communication cleverly mounted …
A real event

For us to discover its new connected Tag Heuer watch Google and Intel and its partners have made the show in New York rather than in Switzerland. Moreover, the opportunity for Jean-Claude Biver (CEO of Tag Heuer and LVMH Horlogerie), Bernard Arnault (owner of LVMH), Brian Kzranich (Intel Vice President) and David Singleton (VP at Google) and the Swiss ambassador to the United States.
We had to mark, indeed mark the event to celebrate the meeting of the Watch Valley and Silicon Valley. The Tag Heuer Connected to the first major competitor to Apple Watch Swiss project (even if the Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch is also a bit).

Indeed, Jean-Claude Biver, it was necessary to react very quickly if the Swiss watch industry and in particular the LVMH group would not be drowned by the ‘tidal wave’ of planned and Apple Watch Other models of high-tech groups. For, as so aptly CEO of Tag Heuer: “only the dead are connected to yesterday.”

The smart watch is also an opportunity for replica TAG Heuer watches to attract new customers more techie and younger for then towards the fabulous world of watchmaking and its own range of real watch. Moreover, this watch that is sold to 1350 euros is available with a special program that allows after 2 years to replace its Tag Heuer Connected by a new watch … not smart, but a “simple” mechanical Tag Heuer Carrera Titanium 2 for only 1350 euros against 3,000 euros in nine.


In a beautiful 46 mm housing diameter (a little too big for my shot) grade 2 titanium of great lightness and strength, this new model is largely inspired by the 1963 Carrera model, but with a modern twist evident. Its rubber strap strongly contributes to this with its different color them, sometimes very flashy.

Let us not forget the screen, now under the sapphire crystal. The latter is indeed wide 1.5 inch and it has a multi-touch technology. Underneath is even a small mirror that allows you to enjoy the brightness of the day and save the battery. Finally on design, I have many different design proposed by the display. You can choose between different types and crayon dial (chronograph, three hands, date, etc.) according to your moods.

The technical features

Tag Heuer is recognized in the world of watchmaking for its watches and especially for sportiness of its models. However, the Swiss brand was probably not sufficient skills to achieve to create alone a connected watch. Logically, and unfortunately also, the brand went to see the side of Silicon Valley and more particularly in two heavyweights: Google and Intel.

The first, Google, provides the watch replica Tag Heuer Connected operating system with Android Wear in Version X86. The Google OS should allow some applications to run directly on the smartwatch. The Swiss watchmaker slightly customized the Google OS and some of its applications.
Technical characteristic of the Connected Tag Heuer

The second is that Intel offers us the chip that is the heart of the smart watch TAG Heuer, instead of a traditional timepiece movement. So we find in it an Atom dual Z34XX heart (1.6 GHz), normally built for smartphones. The battery normally provides for its autonomy of 25 hours in normal use.

What about others on the technical characteristics of this watch, it has a 4 GB storage memory, four sensors that are the gyro, tilt sensor, microphone and haptic motor. The watch is connected via Wifi and Bluetooth and is compatible with Android 4.3 or iOS 8.2.

Last on the watch, it has IP67 sealing proves his and weighs only 52 grams.