This watch … In reality, this watch is different. Different in a way that does not correspond to an original sense actual IWC is one of those watches replica that is in a league of its own. Is it good or bad that not even know, but I know is that looks good and is very good quality, there are two things you will not easily find watches that are not clones of a particular model.

Good looks white line wide, with almost navy blue numbers, marks and hands – a very good combination. 6’oclock chronograph functions as a small seconds hand. Good Brands IWC logo on the dial and signature. These watches are rare and I’m talking about the real IWC and IWC such false. How can the CBI has seen lately? That’s right, none or only some or two or maybe four.


They are quite expensive with the launch of the IWC on average 5k so a good look all stainless steel one would give you a good extra shine. The crown has a very nice design, well and mixed well with the overall look of this watch. Case is thin / class and extended box a Japanese manual automatic winding visible through the rear cover mechanism.

The bracelet has a pattern of brushed and polished very nice and closed in a hidden complete closure of stylish looks of this fake watch. The boy has for a long time and he uses it occasionally, but he assured me that everything is in good condition and working well. We are good friends so I believe him and I get to see the watch on the wrist from time to time anyway, so you can look at it and make a visual examination. Enjoy the article and let me know your thoughts on this watch.

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