Discovered in 1901 off the coast of Greece Antikythera is one of the most mysterious objects in the history of mankind. He was said it would be the first in history astronomical calculator dating from the second century BC century.

Drawing on this extremely complicated mechanism, Hublot replica watches has produced a replica of its watchmaking – first a mechanism in 4 copies exhibited in several prestigious museums in the world and a wristwatch now fully realized in 20 copies.

Hublot replica Antikythera Sunmoon is a miniaturized version of the original mechanism, conducted in honor of this masterpiece of antiquity. The display includes a solar and a lunar calendar with sidereal positions of the two celestial bodies.

Outside accurately indicate the current time, Hublot Antikythera Sunmoon replica watches can therefore provide indications of the moon phases, constellations names behind the Sun and Moon or the time required to move them through the constellation.

The mechanism also has a flying tourbillon on post secondary indicator and is made up of 295 components, providing a total of seven complications. The readings provided by it are very precise, for example moon phase covers a period of 29.36 days, while the sidereal month measured 27.322 days. As precisely measured and orbital period of the Sun, equivalent to 365.256363051 days.

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