in 2015, the tag heuer monaco v4 tourbillon launched to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the collection monaco v4. which it was presented for the first time in 2004, but it did not work. It took a few redesign years, and the manufacturer finally succeeded with minimal design changes original.IMG_4290
unlike the ultra precise chronographs and exotic leaks using magnets, monaco v4 was a proposal forward row. the idea was to build a purely mechanical movement that looked like a car engine and use belts instead of gears to transmit power in some places. For this particular replica watch, the manufacturer once again uses a titanium case. The Tag Heuer Monaco V4 tourbillon uses a slightly larger than the original, 41 mm wide square box. while the original monaco v4 wine in a 39mm wide case.
the V4T monaco watches does not substantially change the appeal of the original monaco v4, but in many ways now includes mere participation of a tourbillon. However, from a technical perspective, the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 is not like other tourbillon tourbillon. this is due to a belt actually drives the tourbillon cage rotation, instead of being driven by the wheel anchoring and exhaust. the result is an extremely smooth tourbillon rotation, and that, according to Tag Heuer, is less susceptible to shock.

1there is no doubt that many issues label heuer monaco v4 tourbillon are patented by TAG Heuer. While it may seem simple inclusion of a tourbillon in an existing movement, this is something totally new from the outgoing v4, although they are still a very important part of the same family. the movement is automatic and unlike most do not use a rotor semicircle. however, the movement V4T monaco watches uses a linear weight acting to close the four mainspring barrels as it moves back and forth.
During the dial is a perfect replica sapphire crystal with Ar coated metal case, and the waterproof function 50 meters. the cushion mild form of it is what has helped family watches monaco be popular for so many years. especially because the idea of ​​square or rectangular watches. Tied to the wrist strap black alligator matching matte and glossy black coated titanium deployment, the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 has an impressive tourbillon wrist presence.
Tag Heuer continues to put much effort into their products higher end, which is a positive thing. And we can see many more excellent watches in the near future soon, especailly those replica watches cheap but excellent.

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