In 2009 Antiquorum had auctioned a $ 234,000 auction for a Submariner owned by Steve McQueen, on October 25 Phillips will sell another Submariner 5513 belonging to “The King of Cool”. His estimate goes from $ 300,000 to $ 600,000, but when he returns a timepiece crowned by Steve, second – again with regard to the prices – only a timepiece belonging to Paul Newman can be expected of everything.

This is the first time that you see this Rolex Replica Submariner 5513 by Steve McQueen, given by the actor to his personal stuntman Loren Janes with the inscription engraved on the case: “TO LOREN, THE BEST DAMN STUNTMAN IN THE WORLD. STEVE.

There is no need to explain even the youngest who Steve McQueen was. A living and true legend and not built. Stop.

Where there was risk and passion always spotted him, the undisputed King of Cool and his daring enterprises piloting airplanes, motorcycles and racing cars. Born to live as a true hero, on track in 1970 he finished second with his Porsche 908/02 at the 12 hours of Sebring; the only one who managed to put the wheels in front of him was another legend: Mario Andretti at the wheel of a Ferrari.

And Steve always wore his Submariner Replica on his wrist.

About ten days ago, after having reviewed for the 10th time the documentary film by Steve Mcqueen “Una vita spericolata” released in 2015, I searched and bought on Amazon “Le Mans” the film that Steve has always kept above all . Through a technology of recovery unthinkable for the late ’60s, lets the viewer experience what a pilot and that mixture of passion / madness that especially then pushed each of them to continue to challenge death.

Incredible footage, long silent scenes – as was used to shoot films at that time.

If you are a driver of engines like me, you can not miss it (under the LINK AMAZON). Just do not expect a screenplay and photography at Fast and the Furious. In Le Mans, for reasons of sponsorship, McQueen wore the legendary Heuer Monaco of his friend Jack.

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