The Audemars Piguet Millenary is one of the most incredible watches that can be found. It is definitely a watch made for a king and his design is right on the border line between modern and classic style. The original watch has a black dial with small marks for the latter, with Arabic style numbers rose gold color, and beautiful color rose gold hands also, which have a luminescent cover. It has an overall diameter of 26.6 mm with a mechanism 4.26 mm thick. It has a power reserve of 60 hours and more than 200 pieces of which it is made definitely make a beautiful work of art.


When it comes to replicas of this beautiful model, we can notice some differences. There are a total of four differences and the most obvious is the design of the minute hand, which can be described as one with a simpler design and a similar pink gold that can be observed around the clock color. The replica does not have within their hands stuffed with a design like the original. The second difference can be seen when the clock strikes three o’clock (where in fact there are a number 15), just where is the date. In the original clock, the date is placed closer to the center than in the reply, having the same distance from the center point of the clock towards the end; in the reply date it is located next to the number that marks the 3 o’clock, with a distance closer to the middle of the clock. The second hand is also different in the reply. In the original watch, the second hand can be clearly seen as it has a different from the rest of the watch (blue) color, while in the replica has the same pink gold than the rest of the watch, which can not easily be noticed .


The fourth and last difference between clocks is represented by the hour hand, which, as the difference of the minute hand as mentioned, has a white fill in its design, while the replica is simpler without any design in its inside.

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