Cameron Diaz is blond, beautiful, Californian and knows how to take advantage of it. A true example of how an intelligent woman makes a fortune on the basis of a topic, why not say it, belated.

You just have to see Cameron Diaz’s long career and the fact that she remains one of the most sought-after actresses, while other actors, very successful in the past, with whom Cameron shared his first films, are no longer In the limelight, to understand that Cameron Diaz is much more than a sculptural figure attached to a pretty face.


Cameron Diaz’s next hit is the Sex Tape movie starring opposite Jason Segel. In this film, the couple protagonist records a pornographic scene in the privacy of their home, but due to a mistake the video ends up in the cloud, so the couple tries to do what is possible and impossible to defend their privacy. Without a doubt, one of the strong dishes that we will find in theaters this summer. Replica tag heuer like Cameron Diaz watch

In terms of watches, Cameron Diaz, is ambassador of the watches Tag Heuer and, therefore, does not hesitate to show some of his models in his frequent public appearances. If you like the Cameron Diaz watch, or some other Tag Heuer model, there’s nothing better than a Tag Heuer replica to go see the Diaz and Segel movie.

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