Watches typically use crystals of synthetic sapphire (Al2O3) as transparent windows, their advantage is special hardness and reduced opacity that provides good visibility of the dial or the mechanism.

Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 56-01 at Crystal Saphire but the whole concept is based on sapphire crystal, housing and support mechanism is made entirely of this material. Using years of experience in processing and sapphire components skeletonizarea, Richard Mille replica manages to achieve with this a level unprecedented in terms of design and innovation.

RM56-01 mechanism inside is so plainly visible to the smallest detail, while presenting a high resistance to wear and temperature variations, ensuring exceptional stability and an exemplary performance in the measurement of time.


Even the seals which provide protection from water Mille Tourbillon RM Richard Saphire 56-01 Crystal are made of transparent material, integrating seamlessly into the overall design line. Bracelet and it makes no exception to this line using a material called Aerospace nano® involving the use of nano-technology to produce a new type of material, extremely comfortable, elastic, with a fine touch and waterproof.

Because working with a material as hard as sapphire is extremely difficult – polishing a single enclosures requiring 40 days of uninterrupted processing – Richard Mille replica Tourbillon RM 56-01 Sapphire Crystal is made in a limited edition ultra-only 5 copies .

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