Rich handsome white Formica, you can also watch can see a person’s taste, is a symbol of taste, temperament set off from the men and women of fashion.

The first reason to wear watches

An attitude
When you need a watch to show that you value your time. In Hong Kong we used to have a joke that if you find a job without a watch, the boss will think you are the man no sense of time, accomplished things. Therefore, Hong Kong people can not see workers suit, but not without watches. Do not believe you can casually looking bookstore selling books on how to gather wealth, almost all developed to teach you how books will point out, the fundamental difference between rich and poor treatment time: the poor what is not much more time, at a young age can casual waste, spend, old nothing. What the rich do not lack is the lack of time, his time is not enough, his time is spent in the realization of his ideals above, he can not it rich? Why choose a boss will see workers who wear watches? Because the people value their time and do things when there will certainly be efficient.

The second reason wear watches

A taste
Many people say that since there is a mobile phone with why watch it! Phone not have time? It is not superfluous to see the phone is not got to spend money to buy watches than to buy other things.

They will not speak watches have a decorative role, set off a man’s temperament, to use an example to Valley website to buy watches to illustrate a particular man to pick a table, a look that is the kind of eye-catching young, dynamic type, very simply people. Selected Kaka, Kaka payment cut bracelet listen when he said:. “Travel Watch lost in the hotel and came back with no table is not convenient ah” I casually asked what is not convenient ah, he said the meeting, dig the phone to see time, the boss see you unhappy, I say makes sense, he said that the second you go out to see clients, time to see a cell phone from his pocket and dig open, beneath the taste is not very, I said also, he said, to see the phone number of occasions dig time is inconvenient, this is a man of taste and understanding.

I remember a beautiful woman asked me, you know I see a man first saw him anything? I asked: “What look?” Beauty replied: “Did he wear a watch to see,” it is interesting, frequently dig a cell phone at the time of the people, and a time to master compared to the hands of men, which is more taste it ?

The third reason to wear watches

A safe
Watches and security, totally irrelevant, I began to feel funny, but I sell table process really hear the case, but said most of the more than N security issues are the following two points:

A: I used to buy a watch because when I drive more convenient to see the time, safe.
B said: I am obsessed with this series of heavy metal steel watch, knife block critical time can block a few times, (Hominid original words, I faint!)

The first is easy to understand, really see when driving into the hands of time Yipiao it indeed time, which is very convenient and safe. Article feel more funny, but smiled think is justified, suffered a sudden out really the case, you are unarmed, perhaps this iron hand for you to block the fatal blow, like have had a lot of film and television works, watch the bullet was stopped, 007 were arrested off, and by the hands of a watch that turnaround ah.

Some people may ask, has not the time now to see cell phone? Why do men have to wear watches, in fact, not only men wear watches to tell time, more of a taste of it, watching Western movies, men are basically wearing a watch, why so many men to wear watches it? Perhaps bubble brothers also learned to ignore it! Today, whether it is walking in the street, or in the case of recreational sports, especially the formal social occasions, the watch can be seen everywhere wearing men friends. Everyone is equipped with a dedicated mobile phone, look at the time is also very convenient ah! Had a friend of mine asked. Why do successful men who like to wear watches it?

In fact, the man who’s always some practical belongings, such as lighters, hats, belts, glasses …… these can also be said of man jewelry, watches, however, is the most embodies what a particular person is a man’s worth , one of the most valuable jewelry with the best. Wear a watch first impression is that this person is a very concept of time, work efficiency is very particular person. Once such a man giving a feeling that when dealing with people, it will make people feel trust, increases the chances of success. Unlike clothing watch while the watch can reflect the unique taste of men friends, good brand watches, fine workmanship, elegant style, refined wear a watch, give your identity and instrumentation points.


Successful men like to wear watches can make men more masculine friends. If a man put on a golden necklace of gold, giving it feel? Gordon Acts prodigal son? Upstart? Or ……? And bring a watch, both to show their economic power, but also to reflect their own tastes, subtle and not play, knock the benefits, give you unlimited demeanor, temperament and self-confidence. There’s a problem, after wearing the watch, in that every second of the time, men wear a watch friends there will be a pressure, thus more progress. And wearing a watch man giving a very safe feeling not impetuous.

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